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Medical Marijuana Doctors – Certifications in San Francisco

Find a doctor that's right for you and become legal today!

Under Prop 215 and SB 420 in California, medical marijuana has been legalized. In order to receive medical marijuana, a medicinal cannabis card is not required; however, you do need a doctors recommendation and proper California identification. Cards provide added convenience by allowing you protection from law enforcement and easy access to dispensaries in your area.

Getting Started - Doctor Certification

The first step is to get a doctors recommendation. An example statement would look like this. You can get a recommendation from your current primary care provider, but many doctors specialize in providing medical marijuana consultation services and can provide easily verifiable ID cards. Since acquiring a state Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) is not required under California Law, there are many places you can receive verifiable ID cards. For some ID cards, you must have a physician recommendation ahead of time to apply, whereas other usually more expensive services will provide a cannabis consultation and ID card onsite. We listed some of the popular options in our area for medical marijuana cards. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the clinics listed below.

Greenway Clinic

Greenway is a clinic that provides medical marijuana evaluations and cannabis cards, located right next door to our location on Mission St. in San Francisco, CA. They give patients both a recommendation and a small laminated marijuana card. Make sure to bring your government issued photo ID, medical records, and cash payment. Greenway will see walk-in patients and offers same day appointments, which is extremely convenient if you are looking to join Barbary Coast today.

Compassionate Health Options

Compassionate Health Options is one of many medical marijuana clinics that offers ID cards in locations around California. You must establish proof of residency and proof of identity, bring your medical records to your appointment, and also pay the fee for the visit. Their licensed doctors offer medical marijuana evaluations, and if you qualify, will provide a recommendation and ID card that you can use at dispensaries. Like MediCann, their services are more expensive than just an ID card application, but you are paying for a doctor’s visit and recommendation as well as the actual card.


MediCann medical marijuana cards can be obtained by setting up an appointment at a MediCann clinic. They have clinics all over California. If you do not have a doctor, you can establish primary care with a MediCann doctor or get a referral from your regular physician. You must bring proof of identity, appropriate medical documentation, and full payment to your appointment. Their services are expensive, but convenient if you do not already have a physician.

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